About This Website

This page is about the website itself, not about me personally.

For various reasons, I run this website as a series of static HTML pages rather than dynamically generated via CGI. That said I'm a web-developer by trade and I can't stand the cut-n-pastisms that plain HTML forces on you.

So, I maintain the site as a series of HTML template fragments that get mangled together via a build script using Template::Sandbox.pm and a bunch of config files read using Config::General.pm.

Between the two this lets me edit the site as if I was using a content-management system with advanced templating, but without actually needing to have one running on my webhosting's server in order to display the site.

Most of the site CSS is written in LESS which gets preprocessed as part of the build into a single CSS file for use on the site. LESS is definitely one of those "why didn't someone invent this ten years ago?" technologies, the only annoyance is that the reference ruby implementation is absurdly slow to run and takes longer than the build process for the entire of the rest of the site.

I use EMACS as my "HTML editor" should you care. And I use it in an xterm via "emacs -nw", the way It Should Be Run. On Linux of course.

Webhosting is provided by KDA Webservices, who've provided a great hands-off hosting of the site for many years now.

If you're wondering how "many years now" ties in with the 2009+ copyright, well I seem to have a habit of, uh, misplacing websites. Maybe this one will last a little longer.

© 2009-2013 Sam Graham, unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved.