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Mangled Ironman Feed?

Date: Sunday, 25 April 2010, 20:43.

Categories: perl, ironman.

Is it just me or has the ironman feed started mangling some people's posts?

For example, this is supposed to be the second paragraph, not mangled into the first. It also seems to be stripping urls from those people's posts too.

It used to work fine, I hope it's just a temporary artefact of the new ironman system, because it's horrible to have your nicely-formatted blog intro mangled into an unreadable wall of text.

Unfortunately I can't tell, there's no list of known issues or anything else about the ironman feed on the ironman site.

Now while I dislike being critical of volunteer work, for a project that's supposed to be all about Perl advocacy and promotion, it kinda comes across as a little clunky to regress the aggregation, have an about page that's just a cut-n-paste of year-old announcement post, and no other info available about the project other than a link to the source code repository.

I'm sure there's a reason why things broke, I'm sure there's a reason why the new feed had to go live even though it was broken and replacing an already-working (for me) feed; but I don't know those reasons, there's nothing telling me those reasons, and to find out what they are and whether it's going to be fixed I'd have to go ask someone directly rather than just check the FAQ/documentation/status page.

Like many volunteer developers, I don't like pestering other volunteers and making them divert time they could have spent doing "volunteery" stuff to answer questions I could have got from a web page.

So, so far, I haven't.

But I am missing having an ironman feed that preserves formatting, links, keywords and has the right meta-info for the feed itself.

And it'd be quite nice for the ironman page to have a news page of information about the project itself, a link to someone's blog with an "ironman-news" category, or even just a MOTD, to keep us in the loop.

My apologies to those working on the ironman feed if this post appears preachy and unappreciative of their efforts, that isn't my intent.

I appreciate that they've donated their time to improving the Perl community, and it's easy for me to be critical from the back seat without doing any of the hard work.

Nevertheless, this is how the situation appears to me, in the absence of any other information being available.

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