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Perl Template Roundup Announced

Date: Thursday, 1 July 2010, 07:28.

Categories: perl, ironman, template-roundup, template-benchmark, template-sandbox.

Having gone quiet for a month, I've managed to avoid distraction enough to release a project which had been stubbornly stalled for the past couple of months: a Perl Template Roundup.

Based on Template::Benchmark it's an exhaustive (and exhausting) bunch of benchmarks for a collection of Perl template engines, sliced this way and that way by feature, caching, phase of the moon, and anything else I could measure.

There's two reports, one ended up being several months out of date once I'd finished writing the report generating tools, so I re-ran the benchmarks with more-recent versions of the template engines (Text::Xslate in particular is under heavy development and the old results didn't fairly represent its current performance).

Despite the fact that there's two reports, this is the first public release, so there's bound to be wrinkles and issues that I've not uncovered myself: please regard this as a beta and know that any suggestions will be gratefully received.

Let me know if you find it useful, or even if you find it useless.

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