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Date: Monday, 16 August 2010, 11:03.

Categories: perl, ironman, moose, git, pod-weaver, module-authoring, strawberry-perl, perlbrew, template-benchmark, job-hunting.

I've failed the Perl Iron Man Challenge again, but I'm still alive, just busy.

I've had a couple of articles semi-written for the past two weeks, but they still very much works-in-progress, because they're about projects that are still... very much in-progress.

So I thought I'd post an interim report in the style of the "What I'm Working On" posts that crop up every so often.

One project is getting Pod::Weaver to do what I want, as mentioned in my previous article, "To Dist::Zilla, or not to Dist::Zilla?", this has involved using Moose for the first time, Pod::Weaver for the first time, Pod::Elemental for the first time, Config::MVP for the first time, and Git for the first time.

Perhaps surprisingly it only took about six hours to get working, but my patch submission to RJBS seems to have disappeared into a black-hole, and that's given me enough time to be unhappy with my solution and start refactoring in earnest.

Since that involves my first foray into GitHub, and complications from the fact that I keep my projects in repositories that have public and private sections (the source is public, other bits like the templates that build the project section of my website aren't of much use to anyone else...), and so forth, it's turned into a rabbit hole to make Alice jealous.

Meanwhile a couple of releases of Template-Benchmark and of the new Task-Template-Benchmark have made it out the door. (Thanks to Dave Rolsky in the comments on my previous article, suggesting Perl::Version for the perl-reversion script: my release process is now much less painful.)

Development of Task-Template-Benchmark spurred me to finally investigate App::perlbrew, using that on my Linux machines and Strawberry Perl on Windows gave me a good rebuildable/destroyable "clean install" to test the distribution against, and make sure it really did install all the needed dependencies for all the optional bits.

The final nail in the coffin of my article writing has been that, for the first time in 8 years, I'm job hunting again. In that 8 years it seems that there's a lot less Perl vacancies overtly advertised in this area (Bristol, UK), and many many many more .NET vacancies, but it seems that on Linux there's still more Perl than anything but PHP, so it's probably really more an indication that Windows seems hugely popular for web-development around here, and that the smaller web-design shops are probably hunkering down to hide from the economic weather of the moment.

If anyone happens to know of a vacancy, feel free to get in touch. :)

Meanwhile, I'm off to try to break the back of Pod-Weaver-BetterBoilerplate (name subject to revision) to actually get something released.

Wish me luck.

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