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Having been a little busy for the past month and a half, my attempts to do the next Perl Template Roundup got delayed from September into October, partly by adding a number of new engine plugins to Template::Benchmark:

Support for pure-perl mode Text::Xslate was also added and two new cache-types for Template::Sandbox (Cache::FastMemoryCache and Cache::Ref::FIFO).

Then I had to sit around and wait for spare CPU time to actually run the multiple-days of benchmarks, unfortunately this clashed with me using that computer as I rushed to release stable versions of my other projects in anticipation of being too busy starting my new job.

Once the projects were out the door I could run the benchmarks, which completed mid-October, just in time for that whole "too busy" thing to kick in as I tied up loose ends before my start date.

Anyway, it's now November, and I figured I ought to do something about these reports... so here you go: the October 2010 Perl Template Roundup (belatedly).

In the next few weeks I'll be starting to gather data for the September 2010 edition of Template Roundup, and so now is your last chance for any requests or suggestions to make it into the report.

Take a look at the previous reports or the list of template engines supported by Template::Benchmark and let me know if there's a template engine you'd particularly want to see benchmarked, or some feature that isn't covered.

You can either make your suggestion in the comments thread below or contact me via the contact page.

I'm quite looking forwards to seeing how well Text::Xslate does this time around, it was far and away the fastest fully-featured template engine in a persistent environment last time, but the recent changelogs suggest some great strides have been made to make it even faster in the past month.

Having gone quiet for a month, I've managed to avoid distraction enough to release a project which had been stubbornly stalled for the past couple of months: a Perl Template Roundup.

Based on Template::Benchmark it's an exhaustive (and exhausting) bunch of benchmarks for a collection of Perl template engines, sliced this way and that way by feature, caching, phase of the moon, and anything else I could measure.

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