App::podweaver is a command-line script for Perl module authors, providing a mechanism to run Pod::Weaver over the files within a distribution, without needing to use Dist::Zilla.

Where Dist::Zilla works on a copy of your source code, App::podweaver is intended to modify your source code directly, and as such it is highly recommended that you use the Pod::Weaver::PluginBundle::ReplaceBoilerplate plugin bundle so that you over-write existing POD sections, instead of the default Pod::Weaver behaviour of repeatedly appending.

You can configure the Pod::Weaver invocation by providinng a weaver.ini file in the root directory of your distribution.

You can find more on the App-podweaver Distribution CPAN page.

You can find more on my GitHub page for App::podweaver.

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App::podweaver 1.00 (belatedly) released

Date: Sunday, 9 October 2011, 21:59.

Categories: perl, ironman, pod-weaver, app-podweaver.

Yanick Champoux has posted the first of what promises to be an interesting series of blogs: Taming Pod::Weaver.

In it he mentions App::podweaver, which reminded me - a year after the fact - that I hadn't released a stable release yet.

So I have. Should be hitting a CPAN mirror near you soon.

Biggest change is that it should now respect perlbrew installs.

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