Flymake PHPCS

Emacs Flymake PHPCS is a plugin for Emacs that hooks Emacs Flymake up to the PHP_CodeSniffer static analysis tool for PHP, providing you with on-the-fly feedback on code syntax, style and other warnings.

If you're familiar with the lint tools for various languages, this is what PHP_CodeSniffer provides.

You can find more on my GitHub page for Flymake PHPCS.

Recent blog entries for Flymake PHPCS

I followed with interest the discussion and excitement last month in a few Perl blogs about people discovering Emacs Flymake.

Being a long-time Emacs user this seemed really interesting to me, but I don't tend to waste a huge amount of time making outright syntax errors.

What I really wanted was something like the static analysis that a modern IDE does for you while you type.

So I hooked up Perl::Critic and PHP_CodeSniffer to Flymake, and here's how you can too.

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