PKG Builder

Emacs PKG Builder is a simple shell script to help bundle up Emacs packages for release.

You can just run emacs-pkg-builder within the package directory, and it will attempt to determine the package name from the directory name, or you can supply the package name via the command line with emacs-pkg-builder -p package-name.

Emacs PKG Builder then looks for a package-name.el and extracts standard GNU/ELPA/Marmalade ELISP header comments to determine package version, package description and package prerequisites.

Using these extracted values it creates a package-name-pkg.el in the format expected by ELPA/Marmalade.

Finally it creates a tarball named package-name-version.tar in the current directory, containing the contents of the current working directory and subdirectories, laid out in the format required by ELPA/Marmalade for multi-file packages.

You can find more on my GitHub page for PKG Builder.

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