Download sgMagnifier.js

sgMagnifier.js comes in three releases: stable, testing and unstable.

If for some reason you need to download a specific version, you do so from the all versions section below.

Which release should I use?


The stable release is expected to be mature and well-tested, any new features will have been tested within as many testing releases as needed for them to be deemed stable.

Unless you have pressing need of some feature that is not yet available except within the testing or unstable versions, this is the version you should be using.

You can always download the latest stable release from:

The current stable version is v1.0.0.1.


The testing release is for beta-testing new features that are working well enough to have been promoted from the unstable release. Although the features probably work fairly well on my development machines, bets are going to largely be off if you have a different configuration. That's why it's called a testing release.

If you use a testing release, it would be helpful if you could contact me with any bugs and issues you find.

You can always download the latest testing release from:

The current testing version is v1.0.0.1.


The unstable release is whatever I've decided to upload most recently from my development machine. This may not work properly even on my own machine, it's highly likely to be a work-in-progress that gives a look at the latest features I'm working on, but makes no claims to those features being anywhere near finished yet.

I'm unlikely to make frequent unstable releases unless there's a need for me to share my current development progress with someone else for testing, so don't be surprised if the unstable release points to an older version than the testing release (or even stable).

You can always download the latest unstable release from:

The current unstable version is v1.0.0.1.

All Versions

If for some reason you need to download a specific version, you can do so here.

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