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Perlbrew support in Emacs Flymake

Date: Monday, 10 October 2011, 04:00.

Categories: perl, ironman, perlbrew, emacs, flymake, perl-critic, emacs-flymake, emacs-flymake-perlcritic.

Good news for fans of App::perlbrew and Emacs Flymake: I've updated my fork of Flymake to include automatic support for perlbrew.

If you do a perlbrew switch in one window, the next run of Flymake in a Perl buffer will automatically update your $PATH in Emacs with the changes Perlbrew made.

Emacs-flymake-perlcritic overrides the code that was changed, but has also been updated to take advantage of the Perlbrew $PATH sync if it's available. This means that if you're using both you'll need to update both to see the changes.

If you're wondering what either of these are, the article "Perl and PHP continuous static analysis with Emacs Flymake" may help explain.

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