Changes for sgTooltip.js

This is the detailed ChangeLog for the sgTooltip.js project, it contains all the changes, in painful detail, from version to version.

This level of detail and internal mechanics will probably only be helpful if you're interested in the internals of sgTooltip.js, if you're after a summary or overview of changes, please refer to the documentation pages instead.


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v1.0.1.2 (Current Testing Release) (Current Unstable Release)

Release Date: Wednesday, 1 September 2010, 17:51.

  • Pruned some unused variables.

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v1.0.1.1 (Current Stable Release)

Release Date: Thursday, 10 December 2009, 12:48.

  • sgTooltip.scanForTooltips() bound as event listener in "dom:loaded" observe.

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Release Date: Wednesday, 7 October 2009, 10:20.

  • Added sgTooltip.removeAllTooltips().

  • sgTooltip.scanForTooltips() now safe to call repeatedly.

  • Cleaned up several == to === and != to !==.

  • Added basic positioning of 'fixed' position tooltips.

  • Tooltip stack divs now have CSS classes for stylesheets.

  • Tooltips now placed inside container div for stacking rather than mess with style on tooltips directly.

  • Correctly fetches 'stacking' config for hotspots.

  • Moved globals into sgTooltip object.

  • Renamed all classes to start with sgTooltip prefix.

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Release Date: Wednesday, 9 September 2009, 17:04.

  • Added Version property.

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Release Date: Wednesday, 9 September 2009, 16:54.

  • First import to CVS.

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