Perl Template Roundup April 2010: Licencing & Reuse

Benchmark Data

The benchmark data behind Template Roundup is available on request under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) Licence.

The only reason it's "on request" is to conserve my bandwidth, so if you want it, please do ask and don't try scraping it from the chart pages. (There's more data available than is on the charts too, so there's an added bonus.)


All charts are generated by the Google Charts API, and frankly I've no idea what the licencing terms on those images would be.

I'm not going to object if you use them with attribution, but I'm uncertain whether the rights to the images themselves lie with me or with Google.


Template::Benchmark is available on CPAN under a Perl Artistic licence.

The code that runs all the benchmarks, collates them, and generates pretty HTML is not currently available.

It's my intention to release it under a Perl Artistic licence at such a time that I won't die of embarrassment at how badly it sucks.

For the brave, or foolhardy, who really want to see it, contact me and we'll work something out.

Commentary, Analysis, and Everything Else

Everything else is copyright 2010 Sam Graham, all rights reserved, covered under the same terms as the rest of my website.

If you feel something I've said is particularly insightful (or wrong) and wish to quote small snippets, that's fine with me, however wholesale copying isn't, unless you've contacted me and received permission.


Thanks go out to Jakub Narebski for valuable feedback and suggestions.

© 2009-2013 Sam Graham, unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved.